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  • Analog-Multimeter
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  • With experienced engineers and high-quality equipments.
  • Abundant OEM experience, customizing for packing, logo printing.
  • Laser distance meter, metal detector, battery tester, infrared thermometer and network tester ect…
  • Most of the products have CE ROHS certificates.

Infrared Thermometer

Test range: -50~550°C (-58~1022°F)
Accuracy: ±1.5% or ±1.5°C
Repeatability: ±1% or ±1°C
Distance spot ratio: 12:1
Emissivity: 0.95
Resolution: 0.1°C / 0.1°F
Response time: 500mS
Wavelength: 8-14μm

Laser Distance Meter

This Professional Distance Meter employs laser technology to measure distance, area and volume accurately, quickly and conveniently. It has a wide measuring range from 40m-120m and particularly high accuracy ±1.5mm.

Laser distance meter has a wide variety of applications in construction and industries. It is very useful and convenient to give accurate measurement of distance, area and volume especially in large areas such as rooms, apartments, buildings, real estates, factories, warehouses, gardens, roads, infrastructures, etc.


7 in 1 Soil Tester

NPK PH soil analyzer for agriculture
1. The measurement results can be displayed directly, which is simple and convenient, with low measurement cost and fast
measurement speed.
2. A variety of recording methods are optional.
3. Large-size color display screen, large-capacity storage.
4. One-key export of data, convenient and quick.
5. The probe plug-in design ensures accurate measurement and reliable performance.

Cable tracker use unique data transmission technology
Anti-interference design
Cable hunting
Network wire sequence collation
Breakpoints check
A good helper for communication line installation and maintenance engineers
Widely used in telephone system, computer network, metal wire line inquiry and daily maintenance work.
With LED light and earphone, suitable to use in dark and noisy environment

Network wire sequence collation
Open circuit or short circuit testing function
Telephone wire finding function
Network wire finding function
DC level testing function
Low battery indicator function
Earphone function and spotlight function

Low battery indicator
Max working current: Transmitter <10ma receiver <30ma.
Power supply: two 9V 6F22 batteries
Product size: Receiver: 175x38x24mm; Emitter: 125x49x29mm
Product Weight:: Receiver: about 70g (without battery); Emitter: about 60g (without battery)
Standard Accessories: receiver, emitter, carrying bag, manual, battery, RJ45 cable, Earphone


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Frequently Asked Question for different testers.

We are making our greatest efforts to offer you the quality made products at good price. We’d like to cooperate with you to expand our business in your markets.If in doubt, please see the following FAQ.

What is a network cable tester?

Network cable tester, also known as network cable tester, is a tool used to test network cables. It can detect defects and faults in optical fibers and cables, and inform users whether existing cables comply with network standards such as Gigabit Ethernet.

The working principle of the network cable tester can be divided into four aspects, including transmission rate testing, line testing, network classification testing, and packet delay testing.

How to use a voltage tester?
● Press the power key quickly, Buzzer beeps, Power indicator lights up and entered the test state. When the power on, power key was pressed again and the buzzer turned to shut down and power off.
● When the power is on, the low sensitivity test state is defaults.
● The sensitivity / flashlight key (less than 1 second) can be switched at high and low sensitivity.
● When the sensitivity indicator light is lit, it is a highly sensitive test state. Low sensitivity test state when extinguished.
● Press the sensitivity / flashlight key and hold for more than 2 seconds. The flashlight is on; The flashlight is off by pressing the sensitivity / flashlight key and holding for more than 2 seconds
● The voltage detector probe is placed near the AC voltage. When the detector is induced, the signal light will be on.
● If the electric field signal becomes stronger, the signal light that indicates the field strength will be lit step by step.
● After about 5 minutes without any operation and No signal detection, the voltage detector will be automatically off to extend the battery life.
● When the battery voltage drops to less than 2.3 volts, the voltage detector will be off automatically, please replace the battery.
What does a laser distance meter do?

Laser distance meter is an instrument that accurately measures the distance of a target using lasers. The laser distance meter emits a very fine laser beam towards the target during operation, and the photoelectric element receives the reflected laser beam from the target. The timer measures the time from emission to reception of the laser beam and calculates the distance from the observer to the target.

What functions did the soil tester have?

7 in 1 soil tester can test NPK, pH, EC, moisture, and temperature.

soil tester

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