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Solar PV Test Equipment and Solar Installation Test Meters

Best Solar PV tester 800W & 1600W

  • AUTO MPPT test
  • Manual MPPT test
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Reverse Protection
  • Over rated power Protection
  • Over Voltage/Current Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Open Circuit Voltage VOC Display
  • No additional power supply required
  • 【Solar Panel Tester】EY800W is a photovoltaic panel multimeter that can test solar array maximum power point up to 800 watts, 60 volt and 35A current. A must have for PV panel MPPT testing and open circuit voltage VOC troubleshooting.
  • 【Auto/ Manual MPPT 】Supports auto and manual maximum power point tracking (MPPT) optional. Press the “Auto MPPT” button, the solar panel analyzer EY800W will automatically monitor and adjust the test interval time/frequency based on the current power value. If press “Manual” button, then solar meter will track & display maximum power point and the reading will not be refreshed until you press again.
  • 【Clear Backlight LCD Dispaly】No additional power supply or battery needed. Just plug the solar power tester with solar panel cables, then it will work and give correct measurements to verify all types of solar panel or cell performance. HD backlit LCD screen, display measurement reading clearly even in full sun or dark.
  • 【Open Circuit Voltage】Not just display current wattage output of the solar panel but also displays open circuit voltage. EY800W solar panel tester help you to analysis photovoltaic panel performance and find out proper angle/place for solar panel position smartly. Supports over rated power/temperature voltage/current and Reverse Protection.
  • 【Accessories and Warranty】156g handheld solar panel multimeter comes with 2pcs MC4 connector, 2pcs Alligator clip cable and portable carrying case. 365 days quality warranty and lifetime technical support.

solar panel multimeter ey800w

how to test solar panel output

FrogBro FB673PV Solar Panel Tester 800W

1.Our latest design features dependable quality and is certified by ETL, meeting Safety level CAT III 100V standards.

2. Benefit from fast shipment of ready-to-ship goods to stay ahead of market demands.

3. Efficiently test all universal solar panels with a powerful 800W output.

4. The large LCD screen provides a single interface for displaying all parameters.

Solar Panel Multimeter ey1600w

This solar panel multimeter can test the maximum power point and open-circuit voltage until max 1600W

Highly accepted by Solar panel manufacturer, Solar panel distributor, Solar panel installer, Solar panel user, Solar panel fans

AUTO MPPT detection; Manual MPPT detection; Over-voltage, over-temperature, over-current protection; Solar panel reverse connection protection; Over rated power protection; No additional power supply required

solar panel tester
solar panel output voltage

EY800W Solar Panel Meter

  • 【MPPT Technology】The MPPT Solar Controller measures the maximum power point output of your solar panel to optimize charging efficiency.
  • 【Solar Panel Measurements】The device can also measure the open circuit voltage of your solar panel, giving you a better understanding of its performance.
  • 【Real-Time Display】With a real-time display for input and output voltage and current, you can monitor your system’s performance at all times.
  • 【Easy to Connect】The MPPT Solar Controller comes with connectors included, making it easy to set up and use.
  • 【Smart Tester】The device features a smart tester to measure the performance and quality of your solar panel, ensuring optimal charging efficiency.

Why Choose Frogbro Solar Panel Spec Tester?

Our solar panel multimeter is built fordetecting the voltage, current and power of the solar panel, andjudge whether your solar PV is working well. And distinguish thequality difference of different brands of photovoltaic panel through our solar tool. Or to find out the best angle or place for solar panel position.

Then upgraded 1600W: Improved EY1600W solar panel tester can double the maximum test power. You can use it to test 5-1600W single solar panel or parallel solar panel combination (Note:Maximum rated current 60A, so combinations in series and over 60A cannot be tested. )

how to test a solar panel without a multimeter

Choose Frogbro Solar Panel Meter

Whom can use this solar panel multimeter?

Solar panel manufacturer, Solar panel distributor, Solar panel installer, Solar panel user, Solar panel fans

If you have other new model?

Yes,  we are launching new design at 800W solar panel tester for more user to check how to test solar panel in their home

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