Test Solar Panels
Solar Panel Tester FB673PV

New Design Test Solar Panels

1) The overall size is small, making it convenient for operators to carry around

2) Large LCD with one interface displaying all parameters

3) No additional power supply required, it will turn on and display after successful connection

4) Can switch between automatic/manual modes

5) Over power, over temperature, over voltage, and over current protection

6) Reverse connection protection of photovoltaic panels

7) Certifications : CE, cETLus, RoHS

● Maximum power test (Pmax) 5~800W

● Peak power voltage (Vmp) 12~60V

● Peak power current (Imp) 0~35A

● Open circuit voltage (Voc) 12~60V

● Short circuit current (Isc) 0~35A

● Large screen and multiple result display

● No batteries needed, powered by the solar panel

● Equipped with MC4 test lead

● Portable and convenient

solar panel voltage and current output solar panel voltage and current output

solar panel meter not workingsolar panel meter not working

solar panel meter not working

test solar panel with multimeter

Solar Panel Voltage and Current Output

Measuring the maximum power
point of PV panels
Measure PV panel open circuit voltageAutomatic/manual detection
Commonly used for measuring solapanel or troubleshooting faulty module

Solar Panel Tester in Your Panel Palm Tiny Tool, Big Impact

With its portable and lightweight design, this meter provides operators

with convenience and ease of use, making it an incredibly versatile and

indispensable tool for a widerange of tasks.

solar panel testing
test solar panel output

Smart Meter for Solar Panels -Easy to Use


With the MC4 connector already included. There is no need for additional

solar panel connectors.This enables quick and efficient measurements to be performed effortlessly

Test Solar Panels - Easy to Read

Large LCD with multiple readings:
A single measurement that displays all essential test values can significantly enhance work efficiency.

solar panel meter not working
test solar panel with multimeter

Test Solar Panel without Multimeter

Equipped with MC4 solar panel connector:
With the MC4 connector already included, there is no need for additional solar panel connectors. This enables quick and efficient measurements to be performed effortlessl

Solar Panel Multimeter No Battery Required

Direct power supply from Solar panels

High-definition LCD Display
With its Own Backlight
Clear Under the Sun

solar panel testing

Why Choose Frogbro Solar Panel Tester to Test Solar Panels?

  • We firmly believe that quality shapes the future. FROGBRO is dedicated to continuously crafting and refining tools that enhance the convenience of people’s work and life. You can confidently purchase our products, and in case of any quality issues, we offer a 12-month replacement service. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to provide you with answers and assistance at any time.
  • 【Latest Upgrade Tester】Now, it’s a breeze to measure any solar panel under 800 WATTS & 60 VOLTS!Thanks to the snazzy big LCD screen,you can read the values crystal clear,even under the bright sunlight.A single, magic measurement display that shows all the essential values in one go, making your work super-efficient. Designed with portability and convenience in mind, this meter is both lightweight and easily portable,making it an essential companion for anyone involved in the solar panels field.
  • 【FB673PV Solar MPPT Meter】With rapid and accurate capabilities, the solar panel tester meter can assess the maximum power output (Pmax), open-circuit voltage (Voc), and short-circuit current (Isc) simultaneously, presenting all relevant data on its clear display. This versatile device is widely employed in the assessment of solar panels and troubleshooting faulty modules. This solar panel tester also distinguishes quality among solar panel brands and aids in finding optimal placement angles.
  • 【No Battery Required】Our solar PV tester does not need battery,just connect the cable to solar panel then it can work. There is no requirement for batteries as the measurement can be effortlessly performed for extended periods.Supplied with MC4 cables and an MC4 connector wrench, the solar panel tester comes ready for use without requiring additional connectors. This streamlined setup allows for quick and efficient measurements, while the included MC4 connector wrench enhances user convenience.
  • 【Multi Protection for safety】Our solar panel multimeter has multi protections like over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, over-current protection and over rated power protection. Warnings are displayed upon exceeding limits. Please be sure to disconnect the photovoltaic board from other equipment or loads before testing. Our photovoltaic multimeter cannot measure multiple solar panels connected in series, but it can measure multiple solar panels connected in parallel.
Where Can i Use for this Smart Meter?

Solar panel manufacturer, Solar panel distributor, Solar panel installer, Solar panel user, Solar panel fans

 solar panel meter not working

 solar panel meter not working solar panel meter not working

 solar panel meter not working


How to choose pv tester difference

pv tester difference

pv tester difference

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