Test Solar Panels
Solar Panel Testing FB673PV

New Design Test Solar Panels

1) The overall size is small, making it convenient for operators to carry around

2) Large LCD with one interface displaying all parameters

3) No additional power supply required, it will turn on and display after successful connection

4) Can switch between automatic/manual modes

5) Over power, over temperature, over voltage, and over current protection

6) Reverse connection protection of photovoltaic panels

7) Certifications : CE, cETLus, RoHS

● Maximum power test (Pmax) 5~800W

● Peak power voltage (Vmp) 12~60V

● Peak power current (Imp) 0~35A

● Open circuit voltage (Voc) 12~60V

● Short circuit current (Isc) 0~35A

● Large screen and multiple result display

● No batteries needed, powered by the solar panel

● Equipped with MC4 test lead

● Portable and convenient

solar panel testing

Test Solar Panels

Smart Meter for Solar Panels -Easy to Use

Portable and lightweight design:
With its portable and lightweight design, this meter provides operators with convenience and ease of use, making it an incredibly versatile and indispensable tool for a wide range of tasks.

Test Solar Panels - Easy to Read

Large LCD with multiple readings:
A single measurement that displays all essential test values can significantly enhance work efficiency.

test solar panel with multimeter
test solar panel with multimeter

Test Solar Panel without Multimeter

Equipped with MC4 solar panel connector:
With the MC4 connector already included, there is no need for additional solar panel connectors. This enables quick and efficient measurements to be performed effortlessl

How to Test Solar Panels?

FB673PV Solar MPPT Meter can measure the maximum power of solar modulerapidly.  As smart meter for solar panels, it has the ability to measure maximum power (Pmax) of solar module. open-circuit voltage (Voc), and short-circuit current (lsc) at the same time anddisplay all parameters on the screen, MPPT is the most important indicator for vertifying if a solar panel generates power in low efficiency, and is commonly used for measuring solar panel or troubleshooting faulty module.
Application fields: Manufacturers of solar panel, users of solar panel, etc.
how to test a solar panel without a multimeter

Choose Frogbro Solar Panel Meter

Whom can use this solar panel multimeter?

Solar panel manufacturer, Solar panel distributor, Solar panel installer, Solar panel user, Solar panel fans

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