How to Solve When I Have Different Type Battery Need to Be Charged?

1.  Before purchasing a new battery charger for your electric scooter,  if you have to research available battery types ( Lithium-ion Batteries (Li-ion) or Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries.), battery models carefully and compare features like capacity, discharge rate, voltage output range and charging time, but after so so many work, we still buy wrong chargers , which not suitable for the battery …. headche to choose.

2.  We have electric motorcyle, e-scooters ,gold cart in home, its so mess to have different chargers at home, so can i only have one universal to charges both?  That will be wonderful .

Section 1. Frogbro smart universal battery charge help you for these.

Section 2. smart battery charger (2)

Chapter 1. What is best smart battery charger ?

1.  Input Plug : 100-140V /180-260V for Options / Customizable Cable Length
2.  Output Connector Options for Different Battery Charging Port
3.  Oled Display to read the output power, charge cap etc…
4. Personaly setting on Mobile phone via bluetooth
5. Universal use for different battery like LEAD ACID, LITHIUM, LIFEP04
6. Adjustble charging volt & current for different capacitor batterys within 1200W
7. You can setup the output power by USB cable or mobile phone bluetooth, no need to buy new charger for different battery

Chapter 2. Whats kinds of battery it can be used for?

  •  Lead acid/Lithium/LiFePO4 etc

Chapter 3. How to adjustable to match with different battery with different specification

Adjustable Power -Setup the battery type and  output power on mobile phone via wifi, no need to buy new charger for different battery

Whats kinds of battery it can be used for

Chapter 4. What kinds of Outplug charging plug types support?

Variety output plug– widely used for motorcycle, E-scooter, Golf Cart, Sweeper etc
  • Port and Pin Numbers: The port and pin numbers are usually embossed or imprinted on the plug-in end of the battery charger connector.

  • 2-Port Inline – 2-port inline connectors are used on some versions of Rad-2-Go and Zappy scooters plus a handful of other Chinese-made electric scooter brands.

  • 3-Port Inline – 3-port inline connectors are by far the most common type of battery charger connectors used on electric scooters. They are used on most Chinese-made electric scooters and bikes including the following brands: Razor, Rad-2-Go, Boreem, E-Scooter, Scoot-N-Go, Sunl, Terminator, X-Treme, plus many others.

  • 3-Pin XLR – 3-pin XLR connectors are commonly used on 12 Volt, 24 Volt, and 36 Volt electric scooters. They are used on the following scooter brands: eZip, IZIP, Currie, Schwinn, GT, Mongoose, Lashout, Xcaliber, Bladez, E-Boarder, Tomb Raider plus many others.

  • 4-Pin XLR – 4-pin XLR connectors are used on newer models of eZip and IZIP 24 Volt and 36 Volt electric scooters and bicycles.

  • 3-Port House – 3-port house connectors are used on a large number of 36 Volt, 48 Volt, and 60 Volts electric scooters including Electra® Voy, Tao Tao, Baja, X-Treme, Rad-2-Go, EVT, and E-Road plus many other brands.

  • 3-Port House for Panterra and Gio – 3-port house connectors for Panterra and Gio electric scooters have reverse polarity from standard electric scooters.

  • 3-Pin House – 3-pin house connectors are used on HCF Cute 002, Cute 301, and Cute 302 and electric scooters.

  • Polarized C7 – Polarized C7 connectors are used on the City Bug E2 and Razor 132E electric scooters.

  • Coaxial – Coaxial connectors are most commonly used on smaller child-sized 12 Volt and 24 Volt scooters including Pulse, Razor, E-Scooter plus many others.

  • RCA – RCA connectors are commonly used on 24 Volt, 36 Volt, and 48 Volt electric scooters and bicycles. They are used on both lead acid battery and lithium battery chargers however the trend is for them to be used primarily on lithium battery charger.

  • Polarized – Polarized connectors are used on some older model 12 Volt electric scooters. They are used on Zappy (Zap) Classic electric scooters and bikes and Sunpex E-Boarder electric scooters.

  • Golf cart – 36-Volt EZ-GO Charger, 48-Volt Club Car Charger, 36-Volt Crowsfoot Charger (for Club Car, Yamaha & more),48-Volt Crowsfoot Charger (for Par Car, Fairplay & more), 48-Volt EZ-GO Charger (for EZ-GO TXT/RXV), 36-Volt EZGO Charger EZGO Marathon & other EZGO, 48-Volt Yamaha Charger (for Yamaha golf carts)


charging plug types

Chapter 5. Easy read, with OLED display to read the output dates and battery cap easily



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