PV Module Optimization

PV Module Optimization

Module level MPPT to optimize the power generation of PV system


Module level monitoring to improve operation and maintenance efficiency


Module level Shutdown to strengthen the safety of the system


Improve the installed density and simplify the layout design of building area


  1. Module-level maximum power point tracking, increasing system power generation by 5-25%
  1. Real-time monitoring of the operating status of each PV module, timely detection of faulty modules and accurate positioning
  1. Module level shutdown to eliminate the high voltage and improve the safety of PV system
  1. Safe and reliable, with overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, short-circuit protection, no high temperature risk when any component fails
  1. Can be installed on the new or existing PV systems, without changing the original line, easy to install and maintain
  1. 25-year life design, matching PV modules

PV optimizer
Data Processing Devices: Data Acquisition Unit (Swarm) + Data Aggregation Device (Beehive)

Data Processing Devices: Data Acquisition Unit (Swarm) + Data Aggregation Device (Beehive)

1. Intelligent dynamic networking and de-netting, with network self-healingfunction
2. With automatic primary route relay function

3. With data breakpoint resuming function

4. Local or remote shutdown of module output

5. 200 optimizers per Swarm and 5 Swarms per Beehive


Product Technical Data:

Dual PV Power Optimizer Honeybee 800/1300/1600

PV Optimizer

PLC Data Processing Device: Beebox-H

Data Cloud Center:Honeypot

Module-level shutdown: In addition to shutting down modules through the devices on site, it can also be remotely shut down through mobile phone APP or web monitoring platform

Real-time monitoring and alarming: Users can monitor the data of each module in real time, automatically alarm when the module is abnormal, and quickly locate the faulty module

Data management: Convenient for users to check the current and historical operating data of each module or the whole station


How to choose a portable optimizer for your PV model? Frogbro tell you…

To choose a suitable PV optimizer, consider the following key factors:

Compatibility: Ensure that the selected optimizer is compatible with your existing photovoltaic system. Different brands and models of smart PV optimizers may have different electrical parameters and connection requirements, so it needs to be matched with your solar panels and inverters.

Power and efficiency: Consider the power and efficiency of the PV optimizer. Power is typically measured in watts (W), so choose an optimizer that matches the power of your photovoltaic system. Also, pay attention to the efficiency of the optimizer as higher efficiency optimizers provide better energy conversion.

Warranty and technical support: Familiarize yourself with the warranty period and technical support offered by the optimizer supplier. As the optimizer is a critical component of the photovoltaic system, selecting a reliable supplier ensures sufficient warranty coverage and timely technical support to address any potential issues.

How is the whole optimization system connected and working?

PV optimizer

How does the PLC version optimization system connect and work?
PV inverter
PV inverter
What certifications do our optimizers have?

We have CE of intertek.

Do you provide samples?

Yes, we provide samples, but clients need to pay the shipping cost.

What's your payment term?

Generally, 50% deposit in advance, balance paid after production .  We accept payment methods include Wire Transfer , Western Union, PayPal, L/C, etc…

How long is the delivery time for orders?

If we have inventory of goods, the delivery time will be within 7 days after receiving the payment. The delivery time for goods without inventory will be between 25 and 35 days.

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