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  • battery-glue-gun
  • cordless-soldering-iron
  • brushless-cordless-drill
  • 11w-cordless-soldering-iron
  • battery-soldering-gun
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Professional manufacturer of handheld power tools

Power tools are convenient to carry, easy to operate, and have diverse functions, which can greatly reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, and achieve manual operation mechanization.

  • Have lightweight construction, small size, low vibration, low noise, and agile operation
  • Easy to control and operate, easy to carry and use
  • The sturdy and sturdy characteristics can increase labor productivity several to dozens of times
  • It is more efficient, cost-effective, and easily disposable than pneumatic tools

What is handheld power tools

Handheld power tools refer to portable electric tools that can be operated directly by hand without the need for other auxiliary devices.

At present, our company mainly produces power tools such as: cordless battery soldering iron, battery soldering gun, battery glue gun, cordless heat gun, cordless drill and 20V Cordless wrench etc…

What products we have

cordless glue gun

Voltage:DC20V lithium battery pack, Pre-heat time: 150s, Glue Stick Diameter:φ11-11.2mm, Ternary 10C 18650 lithium battery 20V/2000mAh(5pcs 3.7V), Temperature:180-200℃,Battery interface: Makita/Liangye battery option.

20V cordless soldering iron

20V 2000mAh Max 60W Cordless Soldering Iron Station Kit with 5 tips, Auto standby, Auto Off, 10s Fast Heating Up, Adjustable Temperature, C/F Conversion, Battery interface: Makita/DEWALT/Liangye option.

battery soldering iron

LD006A Cordless Rechargeable Soldering Iron with build in 3.7V 2500mAH Lithium battery, battery indicator to know power left, Max temperature is 520° C, whole kit including Stand, USB cable, tip cleaning sponge, 1 tube and lead-free soldering wire.

battery soldering gun
Battery Soldering Gun
Portable Rechargeable Lithium Battery Cordless Soldering Gun Send Tin Gun 30W for DeWalt/Makita battery interface. Stable heat from inside to outside, emperature up to 450°, rapid heating, fast tinning. Free yourself from power cord constraints.
Cordless drill
21V Cordless drill

21V Cordless drill with brushless motor, Drill + 2 batteries + 1 charger + BMC, Battery: 21V 1.5Ah
Torque settings: 23+1 Max. torque: 32Nm, No-Load speed: 0-400/0-1400rpm, Chuck range: 0.8-10mm, Charging time: 1 hour

battery heat gun
20V Battery Heat Gun

The cordless battery heat gun use ceramic heating core, high-temperature resistance, good heat dissipation performance, insulation design, safety and scald resistance, cordless design, portable use.

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Hot Glue Gun FL-777

Our professional 20V cordless rechargeable hot glue gun home hand tools for diy and industry use.

Battery type: Ternary 18650 Lithium battery 3.7v 2000 MAHX5 SECTION

Voltage: DC 20V   Preheat time: 150S

Battery Charging time: 50-60/ min    Glue stick: Φ11.2 mm

Working Temperature: 180-200℃

Working time after battery charged: 60 Minutes

Construction material nozzle: Rubber


Cordless Soldering Iron FB-LD002

FrogBro Digital Cordless Soldering Iron 20V cordless 60W soldering iron station

Input voltage: 20V lithium battery pack

Battery type: Ternary 18650 lithium battery 20V/2000mAh(5pcs 3.7V)
Maximum heating power: 60W
Control temperature range: 100 ℃ to 500 ℃
Battery interface: M akita/D EWALT option
℃/℉ selectable

Rechargeable Soldering Iron LD006A

FROGBRO 8W/11WPortable Mini USB Battery-Powered Cordless Soldering iron with Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery.

Lithium battery: 3.7V 2500mAH
Charge time: 1.5 hours (approximately)
Charging method: USB (PC, laptop or USB mains adaptor)
Rated voltage: 5 V DC
Rated power input: 11W
Max temperature: 520° C
Max continuous working time: 1 hour
Auto shut-off Approximately: 3 minutes
Accessories included: Stand, USB cable, tip cleaning sponge, 1 tube,lead-free soldering wire


How to use the power tools

Choose correct battery pack

It is necessary to understand the battery interface of the product. Currently, popular battery packs include DEWALT, Makita, Liangye, etc. The battery packs used for different products are different. When choosing, it is necessary to consult the battery interface of the corresponding product in order to find a suitable battery pack.

How to operate FB-LD002 station monitor

1.The main interface displays the current temperature current voltage, and set temperature respectively. If not connected to the heating core or heating core opens circuit failure, the
screen will display ERR(Error).
2.+/-buttons: You can press this button and adjust the temperature of the iron, the temperature control range is between 100-500℃(212-932°F); After switching on,the temperature unit(°F or℃) can be switched by pressing the power button and the”_”button at the same time.
3. Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn off the stationTo switch on, press the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the station.

The functions of cordless drill

In addition to basic drilling functions, electric drills can also achieve other functions by replacing different accessories. Common attachments include flat wood drill bits, flat head drill bits, flat drill bits, cross head drill bits, etc. These attachments allow electric drills to drill holes on different materials, such as wood, metal, concrete, etc.
In addition, electric drills can also be equipped with accessories such as grinding discs and grindstones to achieve functions such as grinding, polishing, or edge trimming. In practical use, different attachments can be selected according to needs to achieve different work objectives.

cordless soldering iron
Engineers specialized in R&D new products

We constantly carry out new product research and development to meet the needs of different markets and customers, constantly improving ourselves. Any customized requirements can also be sent to us at any time, and our excellent team of engineers can help you achieve them.

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Common questions about power tools

You can check below FAQs which normal asked by our customers, if not find answers in below, can send us by emails.

We will reply within 12 hours.

How to activate the touch sensor of LD006A?

Before use LD006A cordless soldering iron, pls first press the power button 3 times to activate the touch sensor.

touch sensor

What is the LD006A battery indicator means?

Battery level indicator:

Red indicator light: 30% power;

Green indicator light 1 is on: 60% power;

Green indicator light 2 is on: 100% power;

battery indicator

How to achieve C/F Conversion for FB-LD002 cordless soldering iron?

After switching on, the temperature unit (°F or℃) can be switched by pressing the

power button and the ”-” button at the same time.

Does the FB-LD002 soldering iron have low voltage protective?

Low voltage display: When the battery voltage is below 17V(± 0.4V) during use, the LCD screen displays”dcL”
Low voltage shutdown: Shutdown when the voltage is below 15.5V(± 0.4V) during use or standby mode.

What is Standby mode and OFF mode for FB-LD002?

The soldering station senses the usage status by the vibration sensor in the soldering pen. The soldering station enters standby mode after the pen has been out of use for 10 minutes. If the set temperature is greater than 200℃,the standby temperature is 200 C.If the set temperature is less than 200℃,the standby temperature is the current set temperature.The standby temperature display on the LCD screen flashes, and shaking the soldering iron handle releases standby mode.

If the station is not working for 30 minutesit will switch off automatically, you
need to press the power button to turn it on again.

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