Solar PV Module Micro Inverter

Rapid shutdown capability

Suitability for challenging installation conditions


Panel-level monitoring

IP67 protection degree, 15 years warranty

2 MPP trackers, module level monitoring

WIFI communication

Rapid shutdown function





How to choose a portable Micro Inverter for your PV model? Frogbro tell you…


Just like solar panels, microinverters have varying efficiencies. An inverter’s efficiency is a measure of how much energy is lost in the form of heat during the conversion from DC to AC electricity. Higher efficiency microinverters lead to higher overall system efficiencies and more solar electricity production.


Microinverters come in varying sizes each designed to handle different voltages of electricity. Larger microinverters will often be more expensive; however, you don’t want to install a microinverter that’s too small for the associated panel’s energy output, as that will result in too much clipping. Manufacturers of microinverters often list guidelines as to the maximum DC wattage a solar panel should have when connected to their products.


Most microinverter options available on the market today come with a 25-year warranty, which will protect you against potential manufacturing defects or undue degradation. However, even two different microinverter manufacturers that offer the same warranty term may offer different levels of coverage as part of the warranty. It’s important to read and compare warranty agreements when choosing solar equipment.

Rapid shutdown requirements

When a rapid shutdown is in place, microinverters can shut down automatically in compliance. Each module has software programmed in it to shut down in sync with these rapid shut downs so no extra hardware is needed.

What Are Solar Microinverters?

Microinverters are small electronic devices that convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). One microinverter could fit the palm of your hand. The main factor differentiating microinverters from traditional inverters is that they operate at the panel level rather than the solar panel system as a whole.

What certifications do we have?

We have CE of intertek.

Do you provide samples?

Yes, we provide samples, but clients need to pay the shipping cost.

What's your payment term?

Generally, 50% deposit in advance, balance paid after production .  We accept payment methods include Wire Transfer , Western Union, PayPal, L/C, etc…

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