• Mini glue gun
  • Digital display professional glue gun
  • Heavy duty big power glue gun
  • Heavy duty high power glue gun
  • Li-ion battery rechargeable glue gun
  • Battery pack powered glue gun

Hot melt glue gun is a type of adhesive that melts a glue stick at high temperature and forcibly sprays it out through a nozzle
The tool for connecting materials is widely used for bonding, fixing, and repairing various materials
Practical tools commonly used in fields such as modern industrial production and handicraft creativity.

battery powered glue gun

Glue gun (FL-777)

Battery pack powered glue gun

  1. Voltage:DC20V lithium battery pack (not include)
  2. Pre-heat time: 150s
  3. Glue Stick Diameter:φ11-11.2mm
  4. Battery type: Ternary 10C 18650 lithium battery 20V/2000mAh(5pcs 3.7V)
  5. Temperature:180-200℃
  6. Working time: 50-60/ min
  7. Flow of Glue :20-25g/min
  8. Battery interface: Makita/Liangye option

20pc glue stick
Color box packing (32×22.5×7.5cm 0.81kg)

Glue gun (FL-138A)

10w mini glue gun

  1. Rated Power : 10W
  2. Rated Voltage : 110V~240V
  3. Preheat time : 5 minutes
  4. Flow of glue : 6-8g per minute
  5. Glue stick D.M : 7.2 mm
  6. Packing : Blister pack(include 2pcs glue sticks)


mini glue gun
professional glue gun

Glue gun (FL-277AA)

125w digital display professional glue gun

  1. Voltage : 110V~230 V
  2. Power : 125 W
  3. Preheat.time : 2-3 minutes
  4. Flow of glue : 10-25 g per minute
  5. Glue stick D.M : 11.2 mm
  6. Packing : Blister pack(with 2pcs glue sticks)

How to use the hot melt glue gun?Frogbro tell you…

1. Prepare a hot melt glue gun first. then, what needs to be prepared is a glue stick , which serves as the material for re bonding.

2. Insert the glue stick into the glue gun until it reaches the end.

3. power on the hot melt glue gun, plug in the plug and you can see that the indicator light on the hot melt glue gun is on, indicating that heating is in progress


4. Prepare the items that need to be pasted and fixed, and clean the surfaces that need to be fixed.

5. Wait for a few minutes after the glue gun is powered on. After the glue stick is fully heated, squeeze the trigger of the hot melt glue gun by hand to extrude the hot melt glue, then press and apply along the area that needs to be fixed and pasted

6. Finally, wait for the hot melt glue to cool and fix to achieve the desired effect

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