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  • 202A-01
  • 210B-01
  • dt266
  • dt2015c clamp meter
  • digital clamp meter
  • popular clamp meter
  • 202A-01
  • 210B-01
  • dt266
  • dt2015c clamp meter
  • digital clamp meter
  • popular clamp meter

What Is Clamp Meter

A portable instrument that can directly measure the AC and DC current of a circuit without disconnecting the circuit. It is easy to use and widely used in electrical maintenance. Like a multimeter, a clamp type meter has gone through the process of analog to digital, making it more convenient and efficient to detect current than a multimeter.

Due to the built-in current transformer in the instrument, the digital clamp meter has a very rich range of functions. It can measure parameters such as AC/DC voltage, current, capacitance, continuity, diode, resistance, temperature, frequency, etc. without the need for wire breakage.

The difference between clamp meter and multimeter

The multimeter must be connected to both ends of the tested target for testing voltage, frequency, etc. The testing current also requires disconnecting the tested circuit for testing, which is not very convenient for most on-site inspections and is generally used for testing small currents. And the clamp table is ready to use, with different sizes of pliers corresponding to different sizes of wires.

The clamp meter uses the principle of AC electromagnetic induction and can measure a much larger current than a multimeter. It can measure and read in real time without the need for wire breakage, making it convenient and fast.

Digital Clamp Meter

We have clamp meter with different measurement ranges, functions, and exterior designs.

Mainly including: small clamp meter, dc current clamp meter, smart clamp meter, true rms clamp meter and auto range clamp meter, etc…


A small, portable clamp meter that is perfect for carrying in a pocket and ready to use at any time.


Portable and full protection design, easy to use and data hold function for easy reading.


Clear to read in dark working condition with Blue backlight, Non-contact measurement ensures the measurement safety.

DT2015A TRUE-RMS digital clamp meter

Max display 5999, with portable hand crank flashlight, for work outdoor camping, Can be data hold, RMS test and can be tested to the bottom 20mA AC current.

DT210B NCV Portable clamp meter

Small size with Non-contact voltage  measurement, date hold, RMS test ,convenience and reliable.

smart clamp meter
FS8330Pro Auto Digital Smart Clamp Meter

AC/DC 600V 400A, Current capacitance Test, Large Color Screen, NCV MAX6000 Counts, True Rms, Auto range.

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Clamp Meter

A clamp meter is a portable instrument that can directly measure the AC and DC current of a circuit without disconnecting the circuit. It is convenient to use and widely used in electrical maintenance. For example, clamp Ammeter can be used to measure the working current of AC motor in operation, so as to easily understand its working condition with load.

  • clamp meter

    Portable clamp meter with full protection design. Non-contact measurement ensures user safety.
    Data hold function for easy reading.

  • DT200 clamp meter
    Popular clamp meter

    Portable and full protection design, easy to use Data hold function for easy reading after measurement Non-contact measurement ensure the measurement safety

  • 3266F
    DT3266F Clamp meter

    Max display 1999, LCD display, Low battery indication with Overload protection.

  • 9300A
    DT9300A clamp meter

    ACV/DCV 600V, ACA 200-600A, Resistance 2MΩ, 1999 Max display.Data hold function for easy reading after measurement.

Our Advantage

Manufacturing Experience
Manufacturing Experience

Since year 1999,we understand market well,our customer from all over the world

Full Certification
Full Certification

Most of the products have CE certificates, and some also have UL, GS, SGS, request detailed file anytime.

Advanced Equipment
Advanced Equipment

With advanced SMT, COB, Injection, Silkscreen & Molding working shops.

Quality Control

We set up the INTERTECH International Quality Control system, make every step (from raw material supply to production) to fit AQL standards.

Clamp Meter Factory

Founded in 1999. As a rising star in instruments industry, we are a mature OEM/ODM manufactory of instruments and meters. Our company got the honor: high-tech enterprise, main supplier of worldwide electronic measuring instruments, golden supplier of Made-In-China, and excellent member of Alibaba International.


Mature Production Line

We have an area of 15,000 ㎡, and 12,000 ㎡ is set up as a modern plant. With advanced SMT, COB, Injection, Silkscreen & Molding working shops, we are able to produce 3.9 million pcs per year. All these factors enhance our advantage in the instrument industry.

Semiautomatic production process

Technology innovation and technical improvement is our moving power. With experienced engineers and high-quality equipments, our company aim to make novel, good quality products to serve global clients.

clamp meter factory

Professional Engineer Team


Frogbro have 4 product development engineers with over 10 years of experience, responsible for software and hardware research and development, so we can provide professional customization services.

After the product development, we have 11 quality testing personnel responsible for inspecting the quality of new products and orders, ensuring that all products are 100% tested before arranging shipment to customers.

How to use a clamp meter correctly and what details need to be noted

Which is better, multimeter or clamp meter?

1. Function: The main function of a digital clamp meter is to measure current, while a multimeter has richer measurement functions, such as AC/DC voltage, current, diode, capacitance, frequency, and temperature.
2. Scope of application: Digital clamp meters are suitable for measuring current in circuits, without the need to disconnect the power supply, and can be directly stuck in the circuit to be measured. And the multimeter has more complete functions, more accurate measurements, and a wider range of applications, such as measuring fine products such as circuit boards and electronic components.
3. Cost performance: Digital clamp meters are usually cheaper than multimeters and are more cost-effective for electricians who only need to measure current.

clamp meter
Using a clamp meter in correct way

1、 Measure AC voltage. Turn the knob of the clamp meter to the AC voltage position. Insert the probe and turn on the meter switch. By touching the probes separately at different points to be measured, the voltage between the two points can be displayed.
2、 Measure AC current. Measure using a pincer shaped induction zone. Rotate the knob to the AC current position, turn on the meter switch, and place the single stranded energized wire in the center position of the clamp. The table can display the current of this single circuit.
3、 Measure the continuity of the circuit. Turn off the entire circuit to ensure complete power outage, including necessary capacitor discharge.

Our main customer

Our main customer base is large supermarkets, distributors, small wholesalers, and online retail sellers. We have customized service methods for different customer groups, which can provide them with the support they need the most. We have a very professional sales and after-sales team to meet the requirements of different customers.

OEM & ODM Service

Technology innovation and technical improvement is FrogBro’s moving power. With experienced engineers and high-quality equipments, our company aim to make novel, good quality products to serve global clients. We welcome ODM and OEM cooperation.

International Quality Control system

  • “I bought this to test power to games consoles which I fix up as a hobby. It works perfectly.Nice clear display and easy to use.
    Gives plenty options and adapters for testing different voltages etc but I haven’t tried any of them!”

  • “I have purchased many VOMs over the years. This one is as good or better than any of them and the price is good. Auto ranging is fast and the display is highly readable.”

  • “A factory with excellent service and product quality can provide good assistance, and the production lead time for orders is very timely.”

    David Liles

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Frequently Asked Question about Clamp Meter

We are making our greatest efforts to offer you the quality made products at good price. We’d like to cooperate with you to expand our business in your markets.If in doubt, please see the following FAQ.

Who is the manufacture of clamp meter?

Our products were made in China, keeping pace with the increasing complexity of our customers’ needs, our engineers do many development in new models.

When measuring the current or voltage, why there is one gear or several gears without indication, and the indication of other gears is normal?

The bolts that fasten the switch are loose or the wiring on the branching switch is twisted.
Usually, after tightening the bolts and opening the cover, the broken wire is connected, and the clamp gauge can resume normal operation.

Why is the current reading too small and the voltage reading normal?

The jaw has poor contact and excessive magnetic leakage. The jaw should be corrected to ensure good contact. This type of fault is sometimes caused by a short circuit in the coil, and the coil should be rewound according to the original data and insulated.

What certificates we have for the digital clamp meter?

We have most important certificates,including CE,ROHS, GS etc…

What are the payment modes available?

We accept Paypal, western union, T/T, L/C etc…

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